Celebration workshop

I run a structured 4 hour workshop process where participants get past their fear of the blank page, explore paint as a medium, and work together to create a beautiful finished art piece rich in meaning for the group.

These workshops are centred around a theme that is relevant to your group and are typically a celebration (of a person, a new team, a milestone, a new stage of life etc.). This could include a celebration of friendship, a celebration of an up coming marriage, a birth, a shared milestone as a company, a shared birthday celebration for friends with birthdays in the same month, etc.

In this workshop I help people:

  • participate regardless of what past experience of art they might have had
    get past restrictions put in place by fear or perfectionism
  • experiment with materials and explore shapes, textures and symbols
  • experience impermanence through staging the destruction of earlier work to create latter work
  • come together together in a cooperative, collaborative making process

You will be guided to gently and playfully experiment with wax crayons or oil pastels, and acrylic paints.


As a facilitator I ‘walk my talk’, showing participants how to be playful with art making. Drawing on my own 20 years experience of self directed art making and 15 years group facilitation experience I:

  • model and encourage acceptance for each participants’ unique personal expression
  • model and encourage a light-hearted and curious approach to creativity and art making
  • ‘hold the space’ and  firmly but gently guide us through process so that we run on time and everyone gets to enjoy the full experience
  • explain things clearly so that anyone – a group of first time mums, a workplace team of corporate lawyers, a family group, a set of international delegates to your conference – can understand exactly what we are doing, and feel comfortable and happy to try it

In this workshop the group create’s a ‘gift’ at the end for the guest of honour and also the host – a lasting creative work to keep as a moment of the day.

Having bright colourful, high quality art supplies helps stimulate the imagination and makes getting started even easier.


Format: This is a face to face art making workshop held in the venue of your choice, with your group or friends/ workmates / industry colleagues/ conference group etc.

Venue: You provide the venue. Large dining rooms or kitchens, community centres, breakout spaces at your event, or boardroom tables work well. I will need a bathroom or laundry sink to wash up in.

Timing: I need 4 weeks notice to design something special for your group. Saturdays or weekday afternoons seem to be popular. The session is 4 hours long and I will come early to set up.

Materials: I bring everything, you don’t need to worry about a thing. We use drop sheets to protect your furniture and/or floor depending on your set up.

Guests: I work with a minimum of 10 people, and for every booking of this size or larger the host attends free as a thank you for organising and hosting the event. Packages start at $990.

Communications: You organise participants, but I provide you with information to send them including a set of FAQ’s. I try to make the event exciting and easy to understand for your guests – allaying any fears or nervous anticipation that people might have.

Refreshments: Great idea! Up to you to organise with your guests. I will run you through some health and safety considerations as the host, and leave you to design refreshments for your guests.


Drop me a line and we can get on a quick Skype chat or phone call to discuss more. I can answer all your questions.  Email info  -at- jadeherriman  (dot) com


JadephotoJade Herriman (Dip TAT, BSc and MSocSci) is a transpersonal art therapist and coach. She draws on over 15 years experience working in government and higher education as a sustainability professional, researcher and facilitator. Jade integrates the principles of client centered counseling and group facilitation with art therapy processes and her own experience of creative practice. Jade holds a variety of events within organisations or for the general public and offers one on one art therapy or coaching, either face to face or remotely. For more information go to the About Me page above. To see what others have said about working with me, read some testimonials here.