Are you:

  • a sensitive, big picture thinker who wants to make a difference in the world?
  • yearning to bring more creativity into your life on daily basis, or struggling with some aspect of ‘getting their work out there’ (including how to juggle creative pursuits with other work)?
  • working on some project or dream that is self-driven and needing support? (e.g. sole traders, healers, community activist and entrepreneurs)
  • interested in multiple things and wanting to know how to make time for them all, or how to make sense of them all? (maybe you consider yourself a ‘scanner’/’multipotentialite’/ multi passionate).

Do you wish you had someone on your side; someone with years of project experience and their feet on the ground, but also the heart and soul of a healer and artist?

Do you wish you had someone in your corner, helping you problem solve (no matter how big or small the problem), listening and asking the right questions, cheering you on and checking in on your progress?

Are you sick of well-meaning advice from people who don’t understand what you are trying to do and wonder if someone outside your social circle could act as a sounding board while you access your inner wisdom and start to move forward?

This might be what you’ve been looking for. 

My approach:

I’m not perfect. I don’t pretend to have a one-size fits all answer to happiness. But I do think going after our dreams and goals makes us more confident, satisfied, and happy and means we are more ‘alive’ in the world. That feeling of ‘aliveness’ is great for us and great for the people around us. I also thoroughly agree with Barbara Sher’s belief that ‘Isolation is the dream killer’ – when we feel alone with our thoughts and like no one understands us it can be a pretty lonely experience.

I am open minded and love people. Your quirks wont scare me. Truly. I wont think you’re weird, or lazy, or somehow crazy for wanting what you want.

Let’s work together!


‘Help! I need to brainstorm’ package
  • A two hour mega meeting where we roll up our sleeves and get down and dirty thinking hard about ONE challenge/ problem/ question and draw on lots of creative techniques to fill up your creative well with great ideas, strategies and next steps. This won’t necessarily result in a full-blown plan but is a great precursor to the ‘kickstart your project’ package or could be enough to see you on your way with fresh enthusiasm and ideas. This boost of energy and creativity might just be what your project or idea needs to bring it to life. You will also receive a one page summary of the main ideas and decisions reached. Cost: $450 for 120 minutes and written summary


‘Kickstart your project’ package
  • Standard: 3 x 60 minute sessions, plus a 30 minute initial intro call to get us set up ready for our first session. One email check-in a week. This is a great starting package for clarifying a situation, taking a wish and creating a set of detailed actions and timelines, beginning a project and getting support and encouragement along the way while you build momentum. Cost: $495 AUD for 220 minutes and 4 post-session emails


‘Get your project moving’ package 
  • ‘Get your project moving’ package: four sessions of one-on-one coaching to clarify the project you would like to work on, identify first steps of design and planning, followed by 8 weeks of weekly 30 minute live accountability check ins and additional online support. This package works well for someone who is committing to implementing a change or project and wants help along the way. It is the best value package, representing a 50% cost saving compared with purchasing these sessions individually. Cost: $980 AUD for 480 minutes and email follow up as required.

NOTE: These prices only apply to bookings that we do via videoconferencing (Skype or Zoom). Face to face meetings in Sydney incur an additional venue cost of $40 per session and sessions held face to face outside Sydney incur travel and venue expenses that will be calculated prior to the session, based on location details.


Individual sessions are available at AUD $250 per hour.


What clients have to say

Highly recommend working with Jade. Her balance of compassionate listening with strength and clear seeing, helped me wade through a swamp of unseen obstacles to feel dry land under my feet. She patiently accompanied me tending to the issues, expected and unexpected, that needed attention for progress to be possible. – Pauline, Hertfordshire, England

At first, I could not imagine how coaching via Skype, between Sydney and Berlin, would feel like. Then Jade came with her quite and reassuring voice and the situation was real, as it would be if we were sitting at the same table, face to face. Thanks a lot Dear Jade, for having helped me organise the steps towards my Selling-Exhibition so clearly and for having made me realize that involving my family was a big asset. I was so afraid of disturbing my grown-up chlidren thinking that they had stress enough in their own professions and my retired and longing for calm husband. I DID ask and it works wonder to share a project!!! – Christine from Berlin


Have a question? No problems, lots of people aren’t sure whether coaching is for them, or whether their situation might benefit from coaching. You can drop me a line via my contacts page and I’m happy to answer any questions or give you a quick call to say hi and figure out whether we are a good fit. I am offering  – where I can learn more about what’s going on for you and together we explore what working together would be like. This is a completely free no obligation call. Email me to arrange a time that suits. You can also read this post here about ‘what is coaching anyway?’ (part 1, part 2 and part 3) or this one on coaching for creative projects.

When I began coaching session with Jade I wasn’t sure what to expect – working together by skype on two different continents. It turned out skype and distance were no barriers to opening change due to Jade’s warmth and clear listening. In my coaching sessions with Jade I was able to explore why and if I wanted to move to home ownership, and what that meant for me beyond a financial choice. We used art to explore this – and here the depth of working with Jade became magic. It wasn’t just about house purchase. I have moved back into things that are important to me that I have slowly given up to ‘being busy’. I have discovered that being creative doesn’t have to look a certain way – just playing with art has been delicious and and new discovery about myself. And something I can continue to explore and see what new things I discover about myself. Jade was able to ask questions and coach me in such a way that I ended our calls motivated to take the next step, ask the next question, open the next door. The perfect mix of practical next steps, and things to do for the ‘heart and soul’ of me created the shift of mind that has made this part of my journey not only happen, but just the right thing. – Louise, Portland, USA

How I work

I am interested in the many and varied ways we can live our lives, and I try very hard not to impose my values or definition of ‘success’ onto you. I especially love working with people who think about what makes life meaningful and pleasurable for them and want to find ways to live according to their own personal material/ social/ creative / spiritual/ community/ ecological values and goals. You don’t have to want what I want – I’ll help you get it anyway. Your dreams. Your goals. Success as you define it. That’s what we work towards.

I am a qualified Barbara Sher Life coach and offer one-on-one or group based coaching by Skype. I prefer working by Skype because I find my clients can more easily fit it into their busy lives, and there is a degree of comfort to be had by having sessions from your own home! (Yes you can be improving your life while wearing your slippers).

I can also offer sessions which are a blend of coaching and art therapy – we use the coaching to help find your wishes and goals and we use the art therapy to tap into the subconscious and your creative mind for fresh insights to the situation.

Get started on your dream or decision! Make 2016 the year you really take action on your dreams or tackle that hard question. Tackling the big issues with someone to cheer you on, come up with ideas and gently keep you on track makes it so much easier. 

Get in touch

Contact me here to make a booking.

A word on currency – $100 AUD tends to be around $70 US / 63 Euro / 49 British Pounds depending on the exchange rates when you make the transaction.

A word on timezones – there are times when we can meet, no matter where you are in the world. I’ll sort out the time zones and suggest times and dates for our sessions in your local time, when you book.