I make things for the joy of it. Images are made using collage, pen and ink, oil pastels, water colour, acrylic, found objects and post-consumer paper reused from a variety of sources, subject to physical and digital manipulation.  My current passion is sketching, collage in all shapes and sizes, and mixed media featuring oil pastels. There is humour, humility and a strong notion of the absurd in collage and mixed media work – as things are shape shifted and transformed into unlikely new beings.

Art making is part of my way of staying well in the world, making sense of it, and appreciating it. It is part of my self care as an art therapist. It is also an important part of my coaching practice: by spending time on what I love doing, simply for how it makes me feel, I hope to model the benefits of pursuing their dreams for my coaching clients.

I have exhibited in group shows at Pine Street, Gallery Red and At the Vanishing Point, my zine ‘a week in review’ is available for sale from Sticky Institute in Melbourne, and I convene the collaborative blog making groovy things. I gift work to strangers as part of the Art Abandonment movement, and enjoy being part of artist trades and swaps.

Work for sale and commissions

I love it when people love what I make. 

If you would like to buy a pice of artwork from these pages, or order a commission, I would be delighted! Most of the artworks and photos on this site are mine and available as art prints (except for student works). Get in touch via the Contacts page for more information