My approach

My approach to art therapy is a transpersonal one – this focuses on helping the client make meaning of their situation, and is respectful of their world view and beliefs. In this style of art therapy we do not seek to ‘diagnose’ but instead provide a safe space for you to explore your own thoughts, feelings, stories, inner language and symbols. I believe that in all of us there is ‘more than meets the eye’; art therapy is a way to tap into your inner wisdom and guidance. By meeting you half way, mirroring your insights back to you, and creating a respectful non judgemental space to witness your journey, the art therapist can help you along your path of healing and growth.

I offer one-on-one art therapy sessions to work through issues that might be on your mind, to process feelings, help you gain clarity and enable you to connect with your wise creative self. I also run workshops and can custom build sessions for workplaces, organisations or groups of friends and colleagues.

I see clients at a lovely space in the inner west – I have a room in a fresh, spacious, calm wellness centre, close to public transport (and close to great cafes and parks if you need some time afterward a session to journal or sit and think). I also work with clients remotely via Skype. I have appointments available during working hours, but also have some session slots available evenings and weekends on request.

I am interested in hearing any reflection he or she might have on what the material evoked. I ask questions to facilitate the telling: Where does it seem to be going? How did you feel when you started? When you finished? What do you sense as you look at it now? Sometimes such questions are unnecessary: the experience itself was sufficient. (p. vii.) – Margaret Keyes (1983), Inward Journey, Art as Therapy