Some thoughts on self doubt

We all have it at times. Many of us have it here and there – like a few olives in a salad. Some of us have double helpings of it, on a bed of self doubt, with an extra side of self doubt to really complete the meal.
When we are lost in self doubt we believe it. The voice of self doubt sounds like ‘the truth’. It is like a fish in water not knowing there is anything other than water.
When we can name self doubt, and know there is more to us than the doubt, then we gain perspective. We realise there is also self belief, inner words of encouragement, and determination. We can figure out what triggers our self doubt and on the other hand what helps us feel grounded and positive about our abilities. We can recognise when we are being hampered by self doubt and when it is running the show.
What I am learning again and again is that self doubt can sit alongside competence and amazing value. Having self doubt doesn’t mean anything about our ability to do things. It doesn’t have to stop us, it doesn’t have to define us, and we don’t have to believe or agree with it.

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