Mini creative recharge project – noticing beauty

Checking in and focusing on the beauty around me is one of my low key, completely free self care activities. If I’m feeling tired or noticing that I’m very ‘in my head’ I bring my attention back out to the world around me. I often use flowers as a focal point – what flowers can I see in my neighbourhood that completely capture my eyes and lift up my heart? The more I set out to notice, the more I see. I then shift into feelings of awe, appreciation and wonder. I notice myself slowing down. I feel more abundant and expansive.

Here’s your invitation to notice something beautiful this week.

Flowers not your thing? Try looking for striking shadows, or amazing angles and lines in the urban environment, or colourful tiles, or maybe the changing colours in the sky. I find having just one thing I’m looking for keeps the project feeling more fun and do-able.

To create a permanent record of your noticings try making an album on your facebook page or in your phone and saving photos into that.

Or print your photos old school style, and make a huge artwork of them for your wall.

A simple creative recharge project that is free and you can do anywhere.

Have fun!

Let me know how you go!

If you were going to do this project right now, what thing would you look for daily to bring your attention to beauty and wonder? Let me know below: your idea might inspire someone else too! 

7 thoughts on “Mini creative recharge project – noticing beauty”

  1. Micro shots of door knobs or handles would be a project I might do. There are lovely grooves and shadows on these objects that are often overlooked since we are not staring at them all day. When we do interact with these things, we are covering them up with our hands and not really paying attention to them.

    Plus your imagination is peaked when looking a photo of a knob – you imagine the door to which it is attached.

    1. What a fabulous idea! I can imagine the colours of different paints behind the handles, the textures of the knobs, as you say the light catching the indentations in the handle in different ways depending on the time of day. What fun! What a great travel project that would be too. How might you get started?

  2. Absolutely Jade, couldn’t agree more! Since I recovered completely from depression I really do do this, and I feel it’s even more important for those with a rather pessimistic view of the world, just to show them how beautiful this planet – as well as many, many people – really is!


    1. Thanks Jo. I agree that focusing on beauty and wonder is a great antidote to pessimism, and can help shift our focus in deep ways in our life. Very pleased to hear you’ve had a turnaround in your health and glad to see you are embracing your creativity in al forms!

  3. Jade, I love it. “low key, completely free self care activities” – absolutely helpful and absolutely necessary. I took up Walking Meditation a few months ago which is similar. It gives me moments of beauty walking from the parking lot to my job.

    But I also like just looking at details in gardens. People do such an amazing job tending their gardens and adding cute and romantic details. As a non-gardener I especially love them. Or there are old doors, cozy backyards and everything.

    In fact, I think I’m gonna go for a walk this afternoon. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. I love the way you describe gardens! You’re right, there can be so much personality, and so many wonderful details to look at in people’s gardens. Happy walking!

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