10 Books in 2016 challenge!

Calling all book lovers…
Anyone want a reading challenge? How about 10 books in 2016! Yes, I’m aware that 2016 is (more than) half over, but surely we can squeeze out 10 books between now and end of December, even if we haven’t started any so far????

(Think of this as the very late New Year’s resolution for those of us who were busy and distracted at the start of the year but want to cram now and not feel bad come December 🙂 )

This is your happy invitation to dive right into some of those creativity books you haven’t read yet, or maybe the self-help pile, the art therapy texts, the Barbara Sher books, the illustrated gardening books, the crime fiction or the graphic novels (or is that just me?? LOL).

Yes audio books count! Yes half finished books count (as half a book!). Yes even re-reading counts!

Who wants to join me?

And we can report back on our progress as the year unfolds.

Reading is one of my great pleasures, and helps me refill my creative well, as well as stay up to date in my professional fields. And articles are GREAT, and books are something else again.

And if you manage to read more than 10 – awesome! And if you read less – also awesome! Reading some, and trying totally counts.

So launching the not very elegant but as far as I can tell not yet taken hashtag of:

Let me know below if you’ll join me 🙂


And please excuse the extreme overabundance of blog posts this week – I had a little tech glitch which made me post two in a row. This one however is just down to sheer excitement.

What kind of books?

Completely up to you!

  • Any genre
  • Any authors
  • Books in any language
  • Fiction or non-fiction
  • Audiobooks are fine
  • Work related or non work related books are fine
  • Short books are fine
  • Short story or poetry anthologies are fine
  • Illustrated books, ‘coffee table books’ and graphic novels are fine
  • Rereading old favourites is fine
  • Finishing half started books is fine

How to join?

This is free, and just for fun, and to help us all reach our reading goals and feel good about what we’ve read for 2016.

To join please comment below AND either sign up to my blog or my mailing list. I wont over email you I promise (as evidenced by my zero newsletters so far!!). This way I can give a few prompts along the way to encourage us all. Then.. just get reading! And anywhere you want to share a photo of the book you are reading or a cool quote from the book you are reading, or an update on how you are going against your goal just use the hashtag #10books2016

UPDATE: I have created a new facebook group for members of the challenge! Come over and join us here: https://mobile.facebook.com/groups/1183969815002504


Viva le bookish folk!

39 thoughts on “10 Books in 2016 challenge!”

    1. Yah! Glad you are keen to join in! Good question. Well… I thought for anyone struggling to read regularly so far this year, one book a week would be too many, so I thought one per fortnight (i.e. two books a month) would be a kinder goal. So let’s say two books a month for September, October, November and December inclusive would come to 8 books. Then I figured we still have two weeks left in August – that takes us to 9. And assuming most people would have read at least one so far this year – round up to 10! So the idea is 10 books from now no matter how many you’ve read so far this year. However if people want to fudge the rules to suit them, and ‘backdate’ their list to include the e.g. 4 they’ve already read this year I have no problems with that. Whatever works for each of us 🙂 Whatever gets us reading more.

    2. Ah, clever! Thanks for explaining – your logic makes a lot of sense to me. I look forward to seeing how people do with the challenge! 😀

    1. Yah Lura! Glad you could join us!! Happy reading! Sign up for my blog or mailing list to get random haphazard updates and encouragement from me 🙂

  1. I’ve been unable to settle into a book since my breakdown over two years ago. Just coming to the end of my first book since then! Considering I used to read at least 1 book per week……… Im joining you on this one because it will help keep me buoyant when floundering. Great idea! Thanks xx

    1. I understand that, I’ve had periods of not reading too because of burnout. So glad you can join us. Yes let’s gently and optimistically keep each other motivated. And short books, graphic novels, audio books all count! 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to get started…
    on my list to finish:
    1. The Artist’s Way
    2. Big Magic
    3. The 4 Hour Work Week (audio)
    4. Profit First (audio)
    (do those last 2 count?)

    1. Oh fantastic! I’ve read the first three and the fourth is on my list too! I’m going to enjoy having someone to chat with about all of them 🙂 And yes they totally count. There’s no restriction on genre, work related reading is totally fine, as are audio books. Yah!

    1. Oh absolutely Pam! Pick whichever books you feel drawn to – any genres or authors you like. Ps good question, thanks for clarifying.

  3. I hope I can make this happen. I’m scheduled to read or listen 4 more books for my book club, and I’ll get a few more from the library.

    1. Great! Give it a go but even if we get partway there we can be proud of ourselves 🙂 And short books, audio books all count.

  4. I have found keeping a reading journal interesting. It shows me which books I’ve read twice(or saves me from reading it twice!) it reminds of what I was feeling/thinking at the time, or if I was too busy or stressed. I have kept track of all the books I finished since 1977..my peak years were 35 books…the year I divorced my 1st husband, 2.
    I think I already have 10 in for this year…but I’ll take your challenge. 😀

    1. That is such a great idea! I might just have to start doing that myself 🙂 If you’ve already read 10 feel free to set a higher target! Great to have you on board.

  5. I’m in! 🙂 Might backdate mine just a liiiiittle, seeing as I’ve already been reading for the summer reading program!

    1. Yah! Welcome! And yes by all means backsdate. This is one challenge where fudging the rules is absolutely ok!

  6. OK! I’m in! I’ve still 2 weeks vacation in front of me, so this might help …

    I’ll with those I’ve started and not finished (yet!) first and then anything interesting that comes my way. Looking forward to the inspiration from the other readers:
    1. A man called Ove (No idea if this is the English title of this swedish book that I read in German :-))
    2. The power of a positive NO! (W. Ury)
    3. A book with stories by I. Yalom (Liebe und ihr Henker, in German)

    1. Fantastic Claudia! Great to have you on board. Yes I’m hoping to finish a pile of half read books too. It will be so interesting to see what everyone reads!

  7. I’d love to be in as well it will keep me reading and giving me a deadline is good! Thanks Jade for this wonderful idea! So is it just on your blog or canwe post in facebook too?

    1. Glad to have you here Yzotis! The challenge will happen wherever you are as in if you want to share on facebook, do that, if you want to share on Instagram, do that, if you want to post on your own blog about it (and link back here) that’s cool too. If eveyone uses the Hashtag that means we can find each other. I will do posts from time to time asking people to share what they’ve read so far and what’s next on their list 🙂

    2. I just finished Big Magic from Elizabeth Gilbert am now reading The Courage To Love from Stephen Gilligan, and recently bought “La Mediation Thérapeutique par les Contes” Bernard Chouvier (Therapeutical Mediation Through Storytelling and Tales) … So lots to read right there…

  8. Paperback of “Daring Greatly” only recently started. Audiobook “I thought it was just me” about halfway through…..both by Brene Brown…..yes there is a theme….trying to save my life. I had already listened to “Big Magic” this year, and Kristen Neff’s “Self Compassion Step by Step”, as well as “Will I Ever Be Good Enough” Karyl McBride. My tally for this challenge is 2 in progress.

    1. Great Dee! Books can really help can’t they? Good luck with the next ones on your list!

  9. I love that I can choose my own books and just post them. I move through books too fast to have book clubs (I also conveniently forget much of the books I read). So this is awesome. Plus, I would love to get recommendations on new books. I often just go to the library and grab an interesting cover. 🙂

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